30 March 2012

Whatever Friday

Friday, Friday, it's Friday!

Did y'all have a good week? I hope it was full of bunnies, glitter, and rainbows.

Let's get started, shall we?

1. This week I talked about:

How I repeat myself.

How you really shouldn't make me mad:

And how my daughter is a mini Donald Trump:

2. I never did post an April Fool's post this year. Oops. So I'll leave you with a reminder from last year:

I'm actually a little scared for April Fool's Day this year. We will be at my brother-in-law's house. I think April Fool's Day is like his Christmas. Pray for me.

3. Tuesday night we had Crockpot French Dip Sandwiches on homemade hoagie rolls. To. Die. For. I considered going swimming in my bowl of au jus. Seriously. Go make that for dinner.

4. A few weeks ago, I got tagged by two different blogs in an "about me" style post. I'm finally doing some housekeeping and getting around to answering their questions. I'm not into tagging people for things...but I love talking about myself. So it's kinda perfect. Thanks to Julie at White Lights on Wednesday and Kelly at Live Laugh Rowe for the tags. I kind of combined the lists of questions, lest you get bored. {What you don't want to hear all about me? I'm insulted.}

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Butter Pecan. Preferably from Preston's in Burlingame, California.

Where do you live?
Rocklin (outside Sacramento)

If you could be instantly be awesome at anything, what would it be?
What? I'm not already awesome at everything? Huh. Who knew.
(Just kidding. Probably running. I wish I was able to run and keep it up.)

If you were stuck on a desert island, what 3 things could you not live without?
A book, my phone, and chocolate. (Wait. Was I supposed to say my husband and kid?)

What book do you find yourself reading over and over again?
This is a tricky question. Depends on my mood. I have lots of answers: Lightning, by Dean Koontz. The Twilight series.  The Hunger Games series. Too. Many. Choices.

What's your favorite junk food?
Again, too many choices! Cookies. Sugar cereal. Chex Mix. My head might explode if I try to think of a single one.

What is your favorite meal?
Village Host Pizza. Down the street from Preston's. It's like bar hopping, only better.

What is your favorite item in your closet? 
My black boots. Franco Sarto makes shoes that are made for my feet. They're the stretchy kind - no zipper. They make me feel instantly tall, thin, and pretty. Only problem? I cannot get them off by myself.

When is the last time you cried?
Probably five minutes ago? Seriously, I can't keep track. I'm like a running Hallmark commercial.

What would your dream vacation destination be?
Paris. For at least a week. In a flat. Near the Rue Cler.

Describe your personality in three words.
(According to me other other people?) I would say creative, anal, and giving.

Dream dinner party guest list! (Three people, living or dead)
Laura Ingalls Wilder, Dean Koontz, and Andy Cohen. Mazel!

Why did you start blogging?
To get away from my kid. (Is that not an acceptable answer? FINE. To find a creative outlet. That better?)

Thanks so much Julie and Kelly!

Now, I'd love to hear what all of your answers are. Go!

Have a great weekend!


28 March 2012

Kiss my Cookie Bark {Coconut Edition}

Last weekend Jordan and I went to run errands together. We went to the dollar store and the grocery store.

We've been trying to (remember) to pay her an allowance, in return for doing some extra chores around the house. She gets $5 per week that she puts in her piggy bank and I try to remember to make her pay for extra stuff, like those awesome toys you can get at Dollar Tree.

She's not too good yet about understanding saving her money or waiting to spend it until she has enough for what she wants. (Case in point: a few weeks ago she paid me $5 so she could style me for the day.)

But in the car on our way to shopping she asked me what it meant to "save up for something." So I told her that it meant she saved her money in order to buy something more expensive than what she has. I used the example that the Lego set she wants is $50 (side note: can we say outrageous?)

"How many 5's does it take to get to $50?" she asked me.

I made her count by five's to get to fifty. "Ten," she answered herself.

It was quiet for a minute.

"Mommy," she said, "you know what would be easier? ... If you paid me $10 instead of $5."

Smart kid. Future Donald Trump? Or she'll win an award for being the lead of her sales team.

Either way, when I'm old and poor, I hope she'll be able to afford to keep me in Hershey's Kisses.

As soon as I made this version of this bark at Christmas, I knew I was going to make it with my favorite Kisses of all time.

Coconut Creme. Oh, how I love you.

This bark starts with macaroons. You can buy them at the store or make your own. I cut down the recipe so it only makes 13. You need 12 for this bark. Do what you will with the 13th. I'm not telling where mine went.

Chop up the good stuff.

Lay out a lake of chocolate.

And top it with the good stuff. I added toasted almonds too.

Now we just need to start a petition to get the Coconut Creme Kisses in full-year rotation. Maybe I'll get Jordan on that. She can talk anyone into anything.

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27 March 2012

S'more Cookie Tarts

Raise your hand if you link up to a gazillion linky parties every day.

{Hand raised.}

Keep your hand up if it takes a long time because your computer is absurdly slow and it makes you want to throw it out the window.

{My hand is still raised.}

Now, keep it up there if you often purposely get up super-early and sneak quietly around your house to not wake your kid(s) so that you can link and read blogs in peace before the rush of dress-breakfast-shoes-school starts.

{Yup, still raised.}

Now, imagine you get up on one of those days (last Thursday, to be exact) and find that your internet is out. What would you do?

{Yeah, I pretty much said that word too.}

I did a few things and figured the incident was probably not on our end, that the problem was with our internet provider.

So I got on my cell phone to get the number to call to check the recordings that usually say "yes, we are experiencing and outage in your area blah blah blah," or to talk to one of their 24 hour tech support people if it was an issue with my comuter.

Except what I got? The computer voice from Hell.

"Enter your phone number," she demanded.

I did.

"I'm sorry, there is a problem with that number, please try again."

I did.

Then she hung up on me, that <insert cuss here>.

I tried again. Same result.

The funny thing?

Our internet service provider? Also provides our home phone.

So the phone I was using to call them? The number they didn't recognize?

Is the number that I pay them for.

Luckily, shortly after four tries to get through, a tearful call to my husband, and lots of curse words, the internet magically came back on.

Later in the day I called the company. The number they had on file was from when we lived in Arizona five years ago. (Um, we've moved and changed our address and our services with them since then.)

Stupid me, thinking they would actually have the correct phone number in the computer. That I wouldn't have to tell them: "hey, be sure to update this info when I call you to set up my service." Tsk, tsk.

So yes, if you live in the Sacramento area and have Wave Broadband, I suggest you give them a call and check your account. Tell the computer I said hello.

A few weeks ago I saw these at Target. I immediately thought "S'mores" (because that is what rational people think when they see chocolate covered marshmallows, no?)

I needed a good crust for these. Of course, if you're making s'mores, you need graham crackers. So I made a graham cracker crust.

Cut out circles that fit the candy.

Wrapped the candy up all nice and warm in its graham cracker crust blanket.

Then baked them. And ate them. Because marshmallows are good.

Perfect for days when stupid computers seem to rule the world.

Oh, wait. I depend on computers for my work. And so does my husband.

I'm sorry computers. I love you.

Want a cookie?

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26 March 2012

Crazy Sweet Tuesday

Happy Crazy Sweet Tuesday everyone! Where you can find all the desserts you didn't know you needed.

I woke up yesterday morning and realized it's a normal week. No school meetings. No events. (Hopefully) no medical emergencies. It felt nice. Let's hope it stays this way. I could use a few weeks of normal.

Plus, I want to get back to drooling over my computer all day long while reading all your posts. Virtual tasting, no calories!

There were so many great links last week! Here are a few that caught my eye:

Butterscotch Toffee Chocolate Fudge Cookies by Sally's Baking Addiction. It's hard for me to choose my favorite part of these cookies. Because all those ingredients are calling my name.

Carrot Cake Ice Cream by Kitchen Meets Girl. I can taste it already. I want to put it on this pie. And then flaunt it in front of my husband so he must put down his WW cookies and eat my treats. {Insert evil laugh.}

S'mores Cupcakes by Julie Vision in the Kitchen. Raise your hand if you want to dive into that pile of frosting goodness??

Peanut Butter Cornflake Clusters by Rindy Mae. Um, that picture? Makes my stomach growl. It's peanut butter and chocolate. Two things I love (almost) as much as my husband and kid.

Chewy Biscoff Blondies by The Traveling Spoon. Darn, my Biscoff jar is almost empty ( from me eating it with a spoon, no lie). But wait! I'm going to Walmart tomorrow. {Happy dance.}

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25 March 2012

Baby Chicks

Last year, I posted Baby Peeps.

Obviously, my creative apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Because this year I made Baby Chicks.

I was particularly proud of the Baby Peeps recipe last year, because it was the first recipe to ever get featured by any party. Allison, from Alli 'n Sons featured it after a Sweet Tooth Friday linky. She stumbled it and got so many hits. I was smiling for days.

I knew I wanted to stuff eggs with something again. I was going to do a filling. But then I thought about those Mini Nutter Butters I still had in my pantry from making this and this.

And I thought, hmmm. Those kinda look like baby chicks. (If baby chicks are small, round, and filled with peanut butter.)

Then I asked myself, what should I do with baby chicks?

Well, stuff them in eggs, of course.

First, you need to make your baby chicks. Dip your Nutters (or mini Oreos) in yellow candy melts. Let them harden, then melt some orange candy melts and pipe on beaks.

Then pipe some feet and stand your chick up on them.

Then you need to make your eggs. I use a mold I bought at An Occasional Chocolate, but I saw some silicone ones at Target last week.

Spread around your chocolate and let it harden.

Once you have all your shells, put your chicks inside.

Add some more candy around the edges.

And seal them up. (I wonder if they feel like they're in a coffin? That's kinda cruel. Must go liberate the ones in the fridge...)

So now I guess that stuffing food animals in eggs at Easter is my thing.

I hope you don't mind.

Maybe next year I'll stuff a cat in there. You know, to throw you off course.

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22 March 2012

Whatever Friday

It's Friday! Yipp-

Wait a minute. That means tonight is Bingo Night at school. You know, the one where I'm in charge of food? (Although, Jordan's teacher suggested we get it catered by Chick-fil-A and now I love her even more) so I just have to plan, organize, coordinate, and orchestrate the food.

So maybe it'll be TGIS(aturday) for me this week.

Anyhoo...for you all I bet it's TGIF. I'm a teensy jealous.

1. This week I talked about all sorts of things.

Andy Cohen.

How the tooth fairy ruined my life.

And how sugar can make everything better.

2. Speaking of which, I know I haven't been commenting as much this week. Life is a little overwhelming sometimes. Normally cleaning out my reader and commenting helps with that. This week? I just want to crawl under a blanket until March ends.

3. I read a book this week. Matched, by Ally Condie. You have to read this book (especially if you liked the whole tortured teen/futuristic society thing of The Hunger Games). Normally, when I read a book I like, I slow way down during the last 50 pages so it doesn't end. This book? I slowed way down during the first 50 pages because I didn't want to finish it too fast. And it's a trilogy!

4. I am so freakin' excited to see The Hunger Games. No idea when that's going to be but I want to see it SO bad.

5. The upside about all the stress lately? Two people have asked if I've lost weight. I haven't, that I know of. How could I? I eat the three C's: coffee, cookies, and candy. So the stress, I guess, makes me look thinner? Is there a pill for that? Oh, yeah. There is. It's called meth. {Never mind.}

Have a great weekend everyone! Are you doing anything fun? I will be basking in my post-Bingo glow.

See ya' on the flip side! (((Hugs)))

21 March 2012

Bunny Munch

Life has been a little crazy lately. Why is it that, when you're super busy, things just get busier?

Normally, Spring is our easy time. Once Jordan's birthday is over I can take a breath and wait for the busy Summer to start.

But this year? Oh my goodness. It's been a month since Jordan's birthday and I feel like I haven't been able to surface to take a breath. She was sick, I was sick. My husband has been traveling a lot. My parent's have had their health scares and I've been down to their house twice. And this list doesn't even include regular day-to-day stuff, like volunteering in Jordan's class or all the stuff that's been happening for the PTC at school.

And then there is the annoying regular stuff, like cleaning the house, grocery shopping, Easter shopping.

Yeah, I have not even begun to think about Easter baskets or treasure hunts or eggs.

And we're going on a trip over Spring Break. In a week and a half. And I have not made one list. *Gasp*

I'm not really complaining, just venting a little. I know that, in comparison to so many, my life is easy.

But still. Sometimes it doesn't feel that way.

I get stressed about making sure I have new content here and commenting and linking and Facebook and Twitter and the next big social media thing. I realize it's almost Easter and I haven't made anything cute.

But then I walk away from the computer for a minute and realize I'm more stressed. Because being here, in virtual land, with all of you? Actually makes me happier. Being in my kitchen, creating and baking and photographing? Makes me relax, in the long run anyway.

Getting to meet fellow bloggers that I had no idea actually live within walking distance of me, and having a three hour coffee that seems like it was five minutes? Priceless.

So thanks, you know, for being my outlet. It gets me through the hard days.

And then, so does dessert. Dessert, like my fellow bloggers, has never failed me. At least now I can check one Easter recipe off my list. (Yippee!)

This is a munch for bunnies. Chocolate eggs (Cadbury, of course), bunny tails (marshmallows), and carrots (dipped Bugles).

The dipped Bugle idea is totally from Cookies & Cups. She dips Bugles to look like Santa hats, y'know.

I dipped my Bugles in orange candy melts.

Then dipped the tips in green.

I added some green sugar to make them look "frawny." (I think I made that word up.)

This is a super easy Easter snack. And easy is good.

And it's almost like I'm eating vegetables. Right?

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20 March 2012

Funfetti Donuts with Chocolate Glaze

I love Andy Cohen.

I mean, who wouldn't? The man's a genius. When he first started hosting reunion shows on Bravo I thought it was a little strange. Who was this guy? He was all over the place. What, did he own Bravo or something?

And then I found out he kinda does.

He's the man behind all my favorite shows (read: any season of The Real Housewives). He's in charge on development and talent. (Talent, ha.) He hosts the reunions and it's hilarious to watch him work over the ladies and almost get beat up by Teresa Guidice.

And he hosts this little talk show called Watch What Happens: Live. Have you seen it? Oh my goodness, you have to watch it.

Usually he has Bravo stars on; he'll have a housewife or two on after one of the shows and they'll talk about what happened that night.

Did you see last week, when Vicki was on? And he brought out Miss Piggy? Hil-ar-ious. She was a good sport, but you could totally tell that Andy was scared. Like, he thought she was gonna go all 80s night on him or something.

And then there was Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart did Watch What Happens: Live. And she got tipsy. On live TV.  Only Andy Cohen could achieve that.

I've started DVRing that show, especially after the episodes of TRH or Bethanny. Because I want all the dirt. It's so great. You have to join me in losing brain cells each week. Come on, you know you want too.

Andy Cohen is something I like. Something I don't like? That Krispy Kreme moved into my area.

Now, I have nothing against Krispy Kreme. I'm sure they taste good. I wouldn't know, I can't remember the last time I ate one. (I'm a Royal Doughnuts girl, Bay Area peeps, what up?)

My problem is that the second they moved into town, all the kids at school were like, required to bring them for their birthday snack. Only one kid in Jordan's class didn't. He brought brownies for God's sake. (And if you'd heard her say it you would've thought be brought brussel sprout cupcakes covered in liver frosting.)

But, there was no way I was going to schlep myself all the way to Krispy Kreme before school and pay a gazillion dollars for donuts. Not when I can make them myself.

Let me give you five words of advice if you decide to make 30 baked funfetti donuts for a group: buy more than one pan.

Hint: I didn't.

A few more words of advice? Use this glaze. It should be, like, required.

{And, apparently, should my use of the word like. What am I, a valley girl now? Like, ohmigosh!}

And use extra sprinkles. Sprinkles make everything better. And? The kids won't know they aren't from that other place.

I promise.

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