20 January 2012

Whatever Friday


1. My daughter is a Daisy Scout. Which means one thing: I am she is selling Girl Scout Cookies. I think it's evil they start selling them so long before we get them. Gets me wanting them so bad that by the time they come in next month I inhale a box in two seconds flat.

2. I wrote my 200th post on Monday. I celebrated with something healthy.

3. Then I followed it up with something ... not.

4. I'm on the PTC at my daughter's elementary school. I do hospitality (goodies for the teachers). Somehow I managed to say "yes" to being in charge of food for the Spring fundraiser, Bingo Night. Obviously I have no idea what the word "no" means. Or the sentence "you must think I'm insane." Hilarity to ensue, expect blog posts to come.

5. Is it weird to have blogging crushes? I totally have a few. I even refer to these blogs and their authors as "my crush." To my husband. He thinks it's funny. (I think?)

6. Halfway though melting crayons in my silicone mini muffin pan, I thought that maybe I should have used liners. Does anyone have any tricks for getting the whites residue out of a pan? Or is the solution to go shopping?

7. One last thing...I know a lot of you are East Coasters. I'm a San Francisco girl, through and through. I won't go as far as to say I bleed red and gold, but my heart is definitely there. So...GO NINERS!

Have a great weekend everyone!