06 January 2012

Pins, and an Interview {by Jordan}

Are your kids back in school? Mine's not. She's still home, and has a cold to boot. We're stuck inside trying to find something to do among the millions of toys and games she got from Santa. I thought I would borrow an idea from Redbook Magazine and have her interview me for today's post. And show you some yummy donuts I found on pinterest. She's been wanting me to make some and this week she might get her wish!

Jordan: How did you come up with Crazy for Crust?
Me: I love crust and I wanted to find a name that would show how crazy I am for crust!

Jordan: What is your favorite dessert?
Me: Pie, of course! Something with chocolate, peanut butter, ice cream...and crust. How about you?

Jordan: I have a couple. I like marshmallows and cookies and cupcakes. And cake. Ice cream. I love you. Did you used to be a teacher?
Me: Yes, I taught math, in a high school.

Jordan: What kind of math?
Me: Algebra and Geometry.

Jordan: Did you get married?
Me: Yes, silly! To your daddy.

Jordan: Do you like animals?
Me: Yes, I love cats and dogs.

Jordan: 'Cause we have a cat and a dog. What's you're favorite food in the whole wide world to eat? Not dessert!
Me: Um...probably pizza. From Village Host. {It really is the best pizza EVER.}

Jordan: Will you type "my kid is crazy"?
Me: Do you want me too?

Jordan: Yeah.
Me {typing}: My kid is crazy!

I just can't decide which donut to make first. If only all decisions in life were this fun to make!

Happy Friday everyone! Have a wonderful weekend.


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