13 January 2012

Whatever Friday

{Please excuse me while I try to figure out what the heck these Friday posts are gonna be about. Just pretend you still love me, mmkay?}

1. My daughter went back to school this week after a two-and-a-half week break. Can I get a hallelujah?

2. I posted these.

3. And these.

4. Oh, and talked about my new favorite song. Whilst tempting you with this:

It really is a pity that I don't post these things right as I make them. Because posting them? Makes me WANT THEM NOW.

5. My daughter is not good at sharing anything. Except germs. Those she shares freely.

6. I tried to watch Project Runway: All Stars. And then realized there was no Heidi. No Nina or Michael. NO TIM GUNN. Um, what's the point? It's not Project Runway without "Make it Work." What were they thinking?

7. I'm currently reading James Patterson's new novel, Kill Alex Cross. So far I like it. Last week I re-read an oldie-but-goodie, Watchers, by Dean Koontz. (More on Mr. McAwesome Koontz next week.)

8. Seriously, I have thought this a million times. {Pardon my French.}

9. I went to Walmart yesterday and spent as much time in line as I did shopping. I bought my first jar of Biscoff spread. Methinks I shouldn't have done that...

{I kinda like this format...so maybe I'll actually stick with it for a few weeks...}

Have a great weekend everyone!


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