23 February 2012

Whatever Friday

It's Friday! It's Friday! It's Friday!

1. I love your comments. All of them. Whenever I try to open my email and it freezes I smile because I know it's downloading more love from all of you. So, thanks. Just wanted to say that.

2. I ordered 15 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, (Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties, Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Samoas, and one lone box of Lemonades...just for me). I had to get Jordan to 100 boxes sold, that's totally the reason I ordered so many. (Yeah, right.) They've been sitting in my living room since last Sunday and I have not even touched them. Not even the Lemonades I've been totally craving all week. Tonight may be the night. Um, yeah. I spoke too soon.

3. Like Rainbows?

Or do you prefer Fudge? With crack Birthday Cake Oreos?

Or you could come workout with me, then enjoy these pops:

4. Thank you all for your sweet words about Jordan getting better. She is, thank goodness. I felt like a frantic new mom this week. I even took her to the doctor. That's the problem when you only have one kid; it's like having a new kid all the time. Now I'm an old pro. I guess I should be glad that she made it to seven without having a fever over 101 and without ever having a fever for more than a day. Now she's just bored because she's still sick but can't do anything.

5. I'm not a religious person. But from all the posts and status updates I've been seeing, we've entered into the period of lent. Now, I don't know the whole significance of lent and in the past have always thought wow, you're going to give up chocolate? Coffee? Sugar? Good luck! *Snicker* But after reading this post by Kristin I thought, hmmm....maybe I should try to give something up, something that I really need to let go of. So I'm going to try to stop thinking about "how fat" I am. It's been something that has been ingrained in my brain since I was 10 and saw that video of my in the turquoise sweatsuit...oy. Anyway, I'm going to try. And I say "try" because thinking about my fat is something that just comes to me randomly, like when I'm pouring coffee or when I sqeeze my stomach like a I have a tic. Whenever I think it I'm going to change it to "I'm NOT fat."

6. Oh, I got a new hairdo! I've got blonde highlights again. So I actually look a little more like the picture on my about page, but not quite that blonde. The grays were killing me with the dark hair. And I cut it. To my shoulders. And I love it.

Have a super great weekend everyone! I hope it stays nice here in Northern CA long enough for Jordan to enjoy the outdoors before going back to school Monday. We have some re-birthday to do!


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