16 February 2012

Whatever Friday

TGIF everyone! I hope you've all had a great week.

1. Google Friend Connect is going away for non-blogger blogs. How does this affect you? I have no idea. I'm totally confused. I am on blogger, so I don't think it matters to my blog (right now), but you never know. To be on the safe side, I wanted to let you know there is another way to follow me. See that "Subscribe in a Reader" button over there on the right? That is a link to my RSS feed. You can follow along in a reader (like Google or Yahoo) by clicking that. I have also added Linky Followers. However, I'm not totally sold on Linky Followers. See, I read all my blogs in Google Reader and I'd have to go to a secondary place for that. I urge everyone who is worried about this GFC thing to consider adding an RSS feed to their blog. It's simple, and all the cool kids do it. I use Feedburner, and it's supercool.

2. I know Valentine's Day is over, but I still have a counter full of candy. So you can still check out my Red Velvet Hugs Cookies. Red Velvet is good any time of year!

3. Last weekend, Ginger, our Golden Retriever, somehow managed to rip off the pad on the bottom of one of her back feet. $200 later this is how my poor dog is spending the next week:

See her back foot? That's her new outdoor doggy shoe. Since they decided not to bandage her foot, I get to put a Ziploc bag and hair elastic on every time she goes outside. (I only laugh at her when she's not looking.)

4. I went a little crazy when I planned my daughter's rainbow party. Go look and you'll see why my husband thinks I need to be committed.

5. Next week my daughter is off school. Because we didn't just get two and a half weeks off, plus Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. Oh, and we don't get another week of until...Spring Break.  In a month.

6. I also made a new crack addictive cookie for my mom for her birthday. A Rolo inside a peanut butter cookie.

7. Softball practice started this week. Parents are expected to help at practice. That sound? Is me laughing. Because this girl is the one who sat out of PE for three weeks in middle school because she broke her pinky.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Kisses!


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