18 April 2011

6th Birthday Cupcakes

I love when people ask me to bake things for them.

Love love love it.

So when a friend of mine asked me to make the cupcakes for her daughter's 6th birthday, I was very honored. Her daughter is a girl who loves her pink, so that was one of the forces behind this cupcake. She didn't have a specific theme, and asked for something to do with the number six.

The birthday girl loves Oreos, so I made Cookies & Cream "Oreo" Cupcakes with their super yummy frosting. Pink cupcake liners and pink sanding sugar, of course. And the cupcake topper is actually a chocolate sugar cookie with royal icing in the shape of the number six. For display, I wrote the birthday girls' name in chocolate and let it harden, then placed it on top of her cupcake at singing time.

The birthday girl (and her mom) loved the cupcakes. Thanks to them for giving me the opportunity to make them!

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At April 18, 2011 at 11:39 AM , Blogger Eating in Winnipeg said...

oh these are so cute! i love when i get to bake for other people too. i love it even more when they love what i bake more then i do!


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