12 November 2010

Bean Stuff

This is one of those recipes that, when mentioned, causes instant salivation for me. It's a recipe I grew up with that I hope to pass on to my daughter someday (if she ever gets over her pickiness and actually tries it). When I think of this recipe, I remember sitting around the dinner table with my parents, each of us silently praying to have the last piece.

Bean Stuff. It's a great name, don't you think? It's got "beans and stuff" in it. I've seen similar recipes over the years, recipes titled "Taco Pie" or "Tortilla Pie", but those just aren't the same. It's probably the memories that make it taste so good (and the tortillas and cheese), but I hope you'll enjoy it just as much as I do.

It's super simple to make and easily adaptable to your needs (low-fat or vegetarian). There are only 4 ingredients. You can make it ahead of time and cook it in the microwave. It's a great Friday night dinner (easy, delicious, and just a little sinful).

Enjoy! And Happy Friday!


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