17 December 2010

Rudolf the Red-Nosed Cookie

I'm sure you've seen these cookies at one time or another, either on the Pillsbury website or in a magazine. I've always seen them and thought they were so cute, but never had a reason to make them, until this year. I needed a cute and easy recipe for Jordan's Kindergarten class party and I remembered these cookies. They are one of those cookies that taste good and look like you've spend tons of time on them, even though you haven't. Perfect for a busy week filled with class volunteering, baking, and getting ready for the holidays.

I started with Pillsbury refrigerated dough. Sure, I like homemade sugar cookies better, but in the interest of time I used a shortcut. (And, I was feeding kids, who don't know the difference!) Cut them as close to the same size as you can and bake them according to the directions on the package. (The recipe on the Pillsbury website says to shape the roll into triangles. I thought about doing that for about two seconds, then figured the kids wouldn't care. Good call on my part, they didn't mind at all.)

Then, gather all your decorating ingredients: chocolate chips for the eyes, M&M's for the noses (or you could use cinnamon candies), miniature pretzels for the antlers, and, of course, icing for the glue. Now, again, I prefer homemade icing to the canned kind but, in the interest of time, used store-bought icing. (I don't like to think about what's in it - like what the "artificial flavor" means. But, being completely honest, it's so good. I've been known to eat leftovers with a spoon. I'm not kidding. Just ask my thighs.)

Then decorate. Two eyes, two antlers, a red nose. Press them in a bit into the icing. Cover the cookies loosely for awhile and the icing will somewhat harden (but not completely). It was fun giving them different eye expressions, like the one in front who is cross-eyed.

I was told the kids loved them. I know I did, not only were they cute, but they were pretty darn tasty too.


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